Glutaglare face wash | Skin Brightening & Whitening Facewash | 100ml

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Get a brighter, whiter skin tone and enjoy clear skin with glutaglare face wash. This product contains a formula that works to fade acne scars and hyper pigmentation, as well as counteract black skin tone. See results in as little as 3 days!

·         QUALITY PRODUCT - Made From Combination Of  Glutathione, Vitamin-C, KOJIC ACID, Premium Quality Ingredients And SLS, Paraben & Mineral Oil Free That'll Give You The Best Quality Products.

·         SKIN WHITENING - Glutathione And Vitamin C Together Controls Melanin And Move It From Basal Layer To The Surface. Also Prevent Damage From UV Rays, Regenerate And Repair Tissues, Lighten Hyper Pigmentation. Thus Helps In Skin Whitening.

·         GLASS SKIN - It Helps To Protect Skin’s Natural Oils , Gives You Exceptionally Smooth, Even Toned, And Lustrous Skin That’s So Flawless It Has The Appearance Of Glass And Gives You A Clear And Even Skin Tone.

·         USAGE - Easy To Use, For All Skin Types , No Side Effects, Unisex (Made In India)

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