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La Vista is a personal care brand started in the year 2017 with the objective of offering natural personal care products that deliver visible results. Keeping our customers’ health and well-being at the center of everything we do, all our products are nature-inspired, animal-friendly, and made without paraben, sulfates, or silicone.


Being environmentally friendly is at the core of our work and we are very conscious of the responsibility we carry as a brand in all aspects from our packaging to how we source ingredients. We are constantly reflecting on our ecological footprint and innovating on best practices for better sustainability. We will tring to launched Our first Paper Tube, with 30% PCR packaging.

Our Small Step Towards A Sustainable Beginning

Taking this a step further, we decided to have our ambassadors, our customers lead our next step towards going green. With every purchase now made at the customers shall receive a seed pouch along with their box of happiness. Plant the seeds and help us bloom towards a greener and sustainable future.

How does it work?

Every order receives a seed pouch with a seed that can be planted inside your home.

Place your order - Receive the seed pouch with it - Plant it & watch it bloom 🍀🌳

The Greener Future

LaVista Healthcare pledges to go 100% PCR packaging by 2023 and taking a step in the same direction we have launched LaVista 1st Paper Tube Vitamin C Face Wash. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting and innovative packaging coming your way, that makes your personal care easier, effective, and good for the environment. Plant a pot today, for a greener tomorrow.

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